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"Your advice has worked like a charm...."

...before I was a loser who stuttered when I talked to woman and could not even get their name. But now i have so much confidence and I hold nothing back. I just let it hang loose and be funny, now not only do I get their name and get their number, I get invited in all the time!

And after I get in, we usually have a long enjoyable kiss. So thank you so much for all your help you have really turned my life around you are a saint.



"Using your advice, I rescued this cute girl from this other guy and now we're dating..."

......I went to a night club with some friends yesterday, the evening was to celebrate a friend's birthday. I went in, fashionably late of course, and went straight up to the bar where my friend was receiving presents, not looking at anyone else the whole way. I greeted her, and gave her her gift. She opened it, and then I found I was standing next to one of my great friends from school.

We had a chat and a laugh, and then he had to go and play on stage as he was a part of the band that was playing there live. When he left I had a flick around the room with my eyes, and noticed a girl looking at me. Oooh the butterflies. I held her gaze, and after a little while she smiled shyly and looked away.

It was one of those "Oh yeah!" moments! She was very hot and dressed very individually. So I went over there and you will NOT believe this but one of my girl friends says to me just as I am about to make conversation with this girl; "Hey, I know someone who fancies you..."

"Really? Another?" I reply grinning, and she tells me about this girl who noticed me last week at this same nightclub. And all the while the girl who was looking at me was listening! It was fab - she already knew I had sparked interest in others.

Then this arrogant guy in a red jacket came over, and started hitting on her (I seriously could NOT believe my luck), doing the classic wimpy-assed moves I used to do not so long ago... She looked really annoyed and disgusted by him, and she looked at me in a "please help me" kind of way.

....Red jacket guy stood a little way away, and when I asked her who he was she said she "didn't know", and I gave him a big smile and a thumbs up (yeah... you go, sucker...). He smiled back patronizingly and made a gesture then walked off. She looked so relieved. I made fun of jacket guy and other wimpy men, and we carried on talking. She told me her name was Terry, after I commented that I loved her bag and asked her where she got it (pure GOLD Rod - she opened up so much after that!).

After that it was ridiculously EASY I talked to her about balloons (of all things...) and Brad and Jennifer's recent break-up, and then I played a role-play game like you suggested. Then I find out that my friend who is playing in the live band's girlfriend is best friends with the girl I like and so the four of us have a chat, it's going great! Terry keeps looking at me with that longing look in her eyes...

Red jacket guy was watching us the whole time. I gave him a little wave, then put my arms around Terry. The look on his face - absolutely priceless.

The main thing is I cannot BELIEVE how well all your hints and techniques worked - I would never ever have been able to build up enough attraction to kiss a girl within an hour of meeting her before reading your material, and certainly not beaten away other guys!

Anyway, that's the end of the success story. I've got more to tell too!

~Alex, UK